Chord Bondan Prakoso 1234 feat Fade 2 Black


Chord Bondan Prakoso 1234 feat Fade 2 Black dengan chord diagram, versi lebih mudah.

1 2 3 4

Chord: Em C D (sampai selesai)

Santoz : Yo What s up Fella s!
Titz : What s up man!
Santoz : Have a great time now 
Titz : Yeah dawg!
Santoz : Follow me. Hommie.

1 2 3 4 come on yo  every body (3x)
Shake that booties on the floor. (2x)

Shake it to the left n  shake it to the right
Don t make any mistake coz  you can start the fight
Grab the mic so you know how to react
Lap dance n  lap dance just don t let it stop!!!

Chillin  in the club you know at the Friday night
Searching the spot getting high fly to the top
Listen to hip-hop (let it flow with your blood)
Loose your money don t regret just say...(oww my god!!)

I can t stand. coz  I wanna dance.
1 2 3 4. let your body groove on.
stick to the plan with the money talk then.
1 2 3 4. let the party move on.

Ulangi Reff:

Whats that gee yoo.  ini intermezzo yo..
Do you wanna know dawg, rollin  that bootie oww noo..
Body-body movin , get body-body movin 
Ude  jangan dipikirin kejadian kemarin

Yoyoyo. 1 2 3 4. bigidi yo...
Goin  flow with the beat jangan bertingkah bodo
Keep it groovin  that s what we wanna doin'
Squeckin  screaming banyak yang dikerjain dawg.

Ulangi Reff:

Yoo! It s my turn now. I m gonna make it a little faster now. Are you ready guyz 

Hey you! right there! What s ur name  don t just stand there.
I got a cheep here for you, so you kow what to do
It s sounds funky groovie baby (like what !) just like Agnes Monica
And I ll try to make you horny (with what !) with a fuckin  formula

Give it up tide for the jungle beat here don t let it loose
I m turn it from slow to fast coz I push the turbo boost
I ll show you what is a right well I ll show it to you tonight
Middle upper tempo mono stereo yo  peace up don t fight

I want you all to put all your hands in the air then lil a bit around
And let s this fuckin rhythm getting to listen to the sound
We gotta hip please don t let it freeze...
Shake it left right yo  doin  like this....

Ulangi Reff: 2x

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